COVID-19 Resources


‘Kid Safety During COVID-19 – Expert Advice from a Pediatrician’

Additional articles and resources from about the Coronavirus can be found here:


Great article for adults to help with talking to kids about coronavirus

Audio story for kids, plus printable comic strip

Excellent list of videos, songs, and show segments from Daniel Tiger to Sesame Street helping with way to keep kids safe and healthy

Free, printable social story about the Coronavirus




Kids Activities:;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_P3fawPZ$    It has different science experiments, virtual tours of museums around the world, cheap and easy dinner ideas, how to make your own hand sanitizer, and the list goes on!

Educational Activities and Podcasts:;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_My61lv-$      It has over 75 educational activities to do at home, top 10 podcasts for kids, Ancient Egypt books for kids, Science Movies and Documentaries for students, Black History Month movies for kids and teens, American Revolutionary War books for kids, American Civil War books for kids, and the list goes on!

YouTube Channels for shows;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_IytqLmz$     This has over 100 Educational Shows on Amazon Prime, homeschool curriculum, over 150 educational YouTube channels and more.

Cincinnati Zoo has a facebook live event every day at 3pm!;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_Ih025Ce$

This is the museum tours from around the world!;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_E288DxF$

Smithsonian Virtual Tour;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_BWwjwsZ$

This is an entire list of Education Companies offering free subscriptions due to schools closing;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_K_eYnLa$ 

McHarper Manor will be live DAILY with FREE art tutorials to keep spirits up, families engaged and creativity flowing.;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_Nr1kF7o$

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips!;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_A0O-Ggb$

Historical movies for kids 6-12;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_Pd5kiMh$

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of FREE books, websites and more.;!!ODYTt7Uqo6LDP14!y6o89kHYiFIJ7NCmiXkNE-iUtJBAP7kocBr9mo1vMcuiSy0HkAwJLcgiBrAqywHk_N6r5SuA$

No internet, no problem:

For students without internet, call Spectrum at 1-844-488-8398 – 

to access free internet services during the school shutdown.