Gestational Carriers—Surrogates

  • Review of all materials submitted in the surrogate application and referral information, if supplied by the referral source
  • Mental Status Exam and clinical psychosocial interview with potential carrier and her spouse and/or partner, if in a committed relationship, exploring:
    • Thorough review of the potential carrier’s life history to the present
    • Motivation to be a gestational carrier
    • Assessment of the understanding of the process and it’s ramifications including their expectations and implications for their family
    • Emotional readiness and availability
    • Family history, interests, talents, relationships
    • Goals for the future
  • Psychological testing completed by the carrier. These are ALWAYS administered in modalities accepted by the test publishers.

After a gestational carrier candidate (and her partner, if relevant) signs the appropriate consent forms, the referring Agency and Physician receive a summary of the session and any recommendations.