Group Counseling/Support Groups

FCCI provides counseling in a group setting for individuals, partners and couples struggling with fertility issues or seeking third party assistance. Whether you are single, married, heterosexual or LGBTQ, meeting with others who are living with similar life challenges allows you to share your experiences, gain insight and connect with others. You can acquire a new understanding of options, gain a sense of empowerment and create kinship with others.


For some, infertility can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Many components factor into this.  A support group provides a safe environment to talk about loss, family building options and participants’ feelings regarding their fertility journeys.

Although not psychotherapy, participating in a support group can be therapeutic and empowering by meeting, connecting and sharing with others who are experiencing a similarly intense life experience.  Doing so is an opportunity to share challenges, maintain a sense of strength and personal well-being, bond with others and learn about options to move forward.


  • Women who have delayed childbearing and are in need of using egg donors 
  • Patients who are in need of using surrogates
  • Heterosexual couples struggling with infertility
  • Men and women who have decided to pursue single parenthood
  • Members of the LGBTQ community who have decided to pursue parenthood

These groups are time-limited (usually 6 weeks), meet on weekends or evenings and are offered when there are enough interested participants.


  • Stress reduction & coping strategies
  • Parenting at an older age
  • Reclaiming your sensuality:  correlations between impaired fertility, body image and sexual pleasure
  • Self-esteem, self-worth and feelings of empowerment  
  • Treatment options
  • When is enough enough; choosing to be childfree
  • How to be assertive in treatment 

Contact for more information about a current group or to place your name on a waiting list.