Sperm & Egg Donors Assessments and Screenings

In screening potential donor candidates, FCCI ensures their concerns are addressed as well as assesses their appropriateness to participate. FCCI reports are known for their detail and capturing the essence of each candidate. All services and protocols follow the guidelines recommended by ASRM.

Prior to the appointment, there is a review of all materials submitted in the donor application and supplied by the referring agency or egg/sperm bank.

The screening includes:

  • Psychological testing completed by the candidate
  • A Mental Status Exam
  • Clinical Psychosocial Interview exploring:
    • Motivation to be a donor
    • Assessment of the understanding of the process and it’s life long ramifications
    • Emotional readiness and availability
    • Family history, interests, talents, relationships
    • Goals for the future
    • The possibility of being identified and/or meeting with the children conceived at some future point
    • Feelings about being part of an Egg/Sperm Bank and donating to multiple families

After a Donor Candidate signs the appropriate consent and release forms, the referring Agency and/or Physician receive a written summary of the session and any recommendations.