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Fertility Counseling Center, Inc.

Fertility Counseling Center is a resource for you and your family from the very beginning of the reproductive process. We strive not only to be a guide, offering assessments, consultations and counseling, but also a network of support so your journey is focused solely on creation, love, and joy.

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Assessments and Evaluations

In collaboration with physicians, clinics, agencies and private parties, we screen, evaluate and explore the suitability of donor and surrogate candidates, ensuring they understand the commitment involved in the process of collaborative reproduction.

Education and Consultations

We explore the various options for becoming parents, sensitively respond to any losses you have endured and help you identify what path is most suitable for you.

Support & Counseling Services

Discussions with a licensed therapist who specializes in infertility is an important step as recognized by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the European Society of Human Reproduction. We assist you in regaining your strength, feeling empowered and managing your emotions as you navigate the path to parenthood.

Egg & Sperm Donor Screenings


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Real Time Consultation

Use video conference to speak with a therapist or schedule a time to come into the office!

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